A. Joël Lamotte

A. Joël Lamotte (joel.lamotte@gmail.com)

In Short

Contact: joel.lamotte@gmail.com


Professional Experience

A. Joël Lamotte (joel.lamotte@gmail.com)

2021 - 2022 (1+ years) - Software Engineer at One Million Sheets (https://jellynote.com) - Paris, France (remote)

C++, build2, Boost, Rust, Cargo, WebAssembly WASM, Emscripten, JavaScript, web application, mobile, cross-platform, web backend, video and video processing, ffmpeg

2014 - 2020 (6+ years) - Software Framework Engineer at SoftBank Robotics Europe (previously Aldebaran) - Paris, France

C++, Python, CMake, robotics, embedded, (soft-)realtime, networking, concurrency, Boost, build2, Windows, Linux, MacOS

2012-2014 (2 years) - Independent (Game) Developer - Lille, France

C++, CMake, XML/XSD, concurrency, networking, Boost, game design, UX design, data format design, cross-platform

2012-2012 (4 months) - Creator at Kayac - Kamakura, Japan

C++, MacOS, iOS, Cocos2DX, game design, game development

2010-2012 (2.1 years) - R&D Engineer (Consultant) at Astek - Boulogne-Billancourt & Suresnes, France

C++, embedded, soft-realtime, Linux, Boost, meta-programming, UI development

2009-2010 (10 months) - Game Engineer at Village Media - Paris, France

ActionScript, Flash, Java, Groovy, online, persistent, game design, gameplay, web browsers

2007-2009 (2.5 years) - Gameplay Programmer at Creative Patterns - Strasbourg, France

C++, C#, LUA Python, Nintendo DS, Python, Scons, Windows, embedded, gameplay, game design

2006-2007 (8 months) - Engineer R&D at Webraska - Paris, France

C++, Python, embedded, soft-realtime

2004-2006 (2.5 years) - Analyst Programmer at Danem - Paris, France

C++, C#, embedded, Windows CE, sqlite

2003 (6 months) - Analyst Programmer (CDD) at Giraud International - Paris, France

Java, PHP, databases

Additional Experience

A. Joël Lamotte (joel.lamotte@gmail.com)

More info and graphics in my 2014 CV extended version


Game Development

Open Source Software

Making Comics & Drawing

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I gave these talks at CPPFrug monthly meetup in Paris (in French).



Comics & Drawing

Music & Sounds

A. Joël Lamotte (joel.lamotte@gmail.com)